Don’t forget your map

What is planning?  Why should I plan?  You can’t find the time?  Maybe tomorrow?  Are these all thoughts that you’ve had when you are thinking of doing planning? Do you know friends that convince themselves planning is not necessary or least not today?

Why should we do planning?  I think we do planning to find your financial DNA.  Define what makes you unique in where you’re headed, what you want and what you dream about.  It we do not find your unique specific path to your future how do we ever maximize your potential while minimizing the risks that are along the road?  We all want financial success but we ignore the risks, the ravines, the financial storms that can get us off track.  If we identify your specific financial DNA we will be more prudent, have less risk and be more likely to reach your goals and dreams.

So, if we set a road map for planning that deals with what we know and helps us understand our current circumstances then the unknown will be easier to deal with, maneuver around and will be less likely to significantly affect our results because, it really is the unknown that affects us the most.

Maybe it’s just the fact that we aren’t realistic about what is possible.  But the more realistic we are, the more we focus on our specific DNA, the more purposeful we are in our actions and thoughts about money the more potential we have to succeed.

What is your financial DNA?

Of course we have to be realistic!  But how do we know we are realistic if we don’t have a plan?  We need a map and a plan that gets us from point A to point B when we aren’t even sure where point B is. So I know planning is time.  Planning is work.  Planning is carving out an effort to do what is appropriate and right that will affect us for the rest of our life.  I see so many people at age 60 or 65 say where were you when I was 30?  The reality for most of those people was they weren’t paying attention to planning so they missed their opportunities.  Let’s make sure we harvest your opportunities for their largest potential!